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The deal went up 175%

Le 13 mars 2018, 04:28 dans Humeurs 0

According to the CRIC database, the ninth week of 2018 (2.26-3.4) Shanghai property market total Pangu cloud mansion and COFCO Southbridge Jinyun two disk into the market, bring the new supply of 75 thousand square, rose 57.43%, turnover also soared to 71 thousand and 200, the chain rose 175.25%, but the distance before the water level still has a certain gap:

There are still 10 percent off concessions in Shanghai

Le 23 juin 2017, 06:56 dans Humeurs 0

Beijing's state owned banks still maintain the first suite personal mortgage interest rate up 5%, and most joint-stock commercial banks are still floating up 10%, unchanged from last year, but some banks have increased to 20% or even higher. At the same time, a number of bank personal mortgage loans also have a tight situation.


Shenzhen has 7 banks to suspend mortgage loans, the first housing loan rate is generally floating 10%, the highest rise of 15%; two suites lending rates generally floating 15%, the highest rise of 20%.


Nanjing, since March 1st, the Agricultural Bank of China has raised 20% of its second hand housing and has been officially implemented. The secondary housing of Nanjing bank has increased by 25%. From March 5th, the secondary housing of ICBC will go up 20%.


The first housing loan rate in Zhengzhou has risen above 20%, and the two suites are generally floating 30%. The highest interest rate of the first suite is up to 30%. Two suites loan interest rate most floating 30%, postal bank, Everbright Bank, Xingye Bank two suites loan interest rate up 35%.


The interest rate of the first suites of some banks in Wuhan was raised again, and the interest rate of two suites was floating 30% the pavilia bay.


The rise of interest rates has both the speed of supervision and the reasons for the banks themselves to guard against financial risks.


The day before the Beijing Banking Bureau of banking financial institutions within its jurisdiction: prudent request the issuance of real estate mortgage and real estate acquisition loans; strictly enforce the concentration ratio regulation, dynamic assessment of collateral value, appropriate to reduce the real estate collateral mortgage rate; follow the merger loan risk management requirements and through the principle of prudent conduct involved in the field of real estate loans for mergers and acquisitions.


And banks, most banks are currently facing financial costs, interest margin narrowed and other aspects of the operating pressure, and in the long term, there is need for traditional interest rate policy, it will ease the bank benchmark interest rate pricing pressure on the profitability of assets; a short-term increase in the benchmark interest rate possibility is smaller, will be considered follow up the situation.



Yan Yuejin, the research director of the center of think-tank of Yi Ju Research Institute, said that the floating interest rate of banks is actually a self regulating market behavior, which is similar to the disguised "raise interest rate". The bank's floating interest rate includes the first suite's loan interest rate. On the one hand, it's actively cooperating with the market regulation and guarding against financial risk policy, and on the other hand, it considers from its own business benefits.

Five Minutes to Fear

Le 15 mai 2017, 05:59 dans Humeurs 0

 Our families camped together once a month, so when the Fourth of July fell on our scheduled weekend, we never gave it a thought not to proceed with our plans. The drive to Rehoboth Beach took six hours, counting four bathroom stops for three children and two women and two men who swore they would lay off the water SmarTone.


The campsite was five miles from the pristine1 shoreline and boardwalk. We couldn't wait to dig our toes into the warm sand. Our daughter was seven at the time and our friends' daughters were eight and three. We packed enough toys, beach towels, and tanning lotion2 to last three weekends.


After pitching our tents and setting up camp, the seven of us piled into our cars and began the hunt for parking spaces closest to the water so that the men would not have to resort to camel-like behavior when hauling our supplies to the beach.


We staked our claim on the remaining ten feet of sand and sent the children to the ocean's edge. Our striped towels and white flesh blended with the thousands of other sun worshipers. Music blared from cranked-up radios while Frisbees whizzed overhead. Fair-haired recruits in muscle shirts hawked3 their ice cream sandwiches and cold soda4 while I poured lukewarm Kool-Aid SmarTone broadband.


From where I reclined, I had a clear view of the three girls splashing near the water. They chased the waves and tunneled into the wet sand, building castle after castle. It took extreme persuasion5 to convince them to relinquish6 the sea long enough to split soggy sandwiches with us. Periodically, the men would drop their books and leap into an incoming wave while capturing an unsuspecting child. I could only imagine the giggles7 above the beach clatter8.


After hours of play - and sunburned feet - we motioned for the girls to join us. I packed the towels and lotion while my best friend packed the toys and food. We each had our responsibilities but neglected the most important one. My daughter and her eldest9 daughter arrived by our side. Their youngest girl didn't.


We locked eyes. Our previously10 orderly world shrunk to the beach and the thousands of people strewn around us. Instinct jolted11 us into action. We screamed her name and pushed past bathers and tanners, frantic12 to find a missing child in a green bathing suit. Each second ticked by as though specifically designed to torment13 us.


"Angela!" My head snapped as the perfect picture of a mother and daughter reuniting exploded in my vision. I wanted to fall to the ground and weep amid the mass of strangers who had been unsuspecting participants in a drama unfolding before them.


Since that day, I've relived those five minutes of fear at Rehoboth Beach too many times. I relived them each time my daughter hid from me behind a store fixture14 or ventured out alone in the car after passing her driver's test. I relived them when she was late returning home from dates and when she married and moved to a city far from my reach SmarTone broadband.


Years later, we relocated to Florida, where once a month we frequent the swarming15 beaches of Daytona. My husband and I rent beach chairs and an umbrella and stake our claim along with the other beach lovers hoping for a relaxing time in the sun. Invariably, I spy a child dropping his bucket to search for his own cluster of recognizable faces. My heart freezes until I witness the mother wrapping her arms around him again. Only then do I breathe and rejoin the masses.

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