When the customer asked me for service, if I can I will pleasurably serve them, if I can't I always say that:

"I am the aquatics receptionist, please wait a second, let me find expert staff to serve you event mangement."

So around the aquatics and pets areas you can hear me call staff to serve often.

Sometimes I couldn’t find any staff around, so I went to the manager’s office to ask him come out serving. I was running up and down, as I didn’t want any customer waiting for a long time and try to do the service as quick as we could. When I found a member of staff, I like to introduce the staff to the customer:

"His English better than me, let him serve to you would better." or "He is an expert, he knew all wrinkles . You can ask any question and got the right answer from him school finder."

The customer are always happy and gives many thanks to me.

For customer service answering the telephone is very important, our ringing normally comes from the information desk, tills, customers and others. Mostly they ask for prices, advice or looking for some staff to use. At the beginning, if I was near the telephone I liked to pick up and answer it, after a few times I was afraid, because I couldn’t completely understood what’s said by the customer at the phone.

One time there was a call from the till asking for a price and I didn’t know. So I went to the till, took the goods back and found the price from the shelf.

After that when the telephone was ringing, I always called another member of staff to come and answer. Sometimes when it was ringing I said:

"Hello! Aquatics, I’m Jinglebell how I could help you?" But I didn't pick up and kept some yards away from the telephone Online Reputation Management!